Sunday, April 29, 2018

Vote for Kari

Ballots are in the mail. Check the best option listed last. I guess if you file first, you are placed last on the ballot. I am so encouraged by the response of everyone I have met and by the online community. Please vote for Kari Mattson Fleisher. I will be our county's voice. I am a first generation county resident and have been a resident for 30+ years. NKN Valedictorian and Oregon 4-H Ambassador. As a property appraiser and working on property tax exemptions, I read and interpret Oregon State law on a daily basis. I have proposed solutions to our housing crisis by adopting/allowing for a multiple family housing tax exemption as well as implementing portions of the housing study. I have worked with all county departments as an AFSCME Union President. I have gained management and budget experience volunteering as a City Councilor for the City of Bay City and Budget Committee for the Port of Garibaldi and the City of Bay City. I can hit the ground running.  I am experienced, knowledgeable, and am passionate about our community which we call home.  I self financed my campaign to date because I am a public servant, represent every taxpayer, and do not want to show bias.  So far there is a lot of money being spent by others, show your support for Kari by voting for Kari Mattson Fleisher that your vote cannot be bought! I want the job and have every ability to meet the county's expectations.

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