Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I am a supporter of the Library

I was that person that thought libraries were no longer relevant until I became a foster parent. It was a valuable resource to visit and check out many books and interactive books. Our favorites were Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver and Peter and the Wolf. It was a great weekly event to go get new books and go on another adventure. If you are on the road for long periods, they have plenty of books on CD at no cost. I support our library system. It is a community asset and many of the locations are owned by community non-profit organizations where the county pays for staffing and the contents, books, computers, etc. It is separately funded in the county budget, and the budget accounts for future building or mechanical replacement without going for more funding. I wish that the rest of the county was in the same boat. It is my goal if elected to remedy this.

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